Reiki Usui


Reiki (ray-kee) is an ancient natural healing technique that allows us to channel universal life force energy.   Rei - means universal. As it is used in Reiki it is more accurately interpreted to mean spiritual conscious. This wisdom comes from the higher self or God/Goddess/Spirit. Whichever name you prefer to use to describe the universal life energy or force.   Ki - means Life force. It has also been called Chi, Prana, Ti or Ki. It is the universal life force. This is the nonphysical energy that is contained within all living things. As long as something is alive, it has life force flowing through it. All things are alive, even those things that you don't normally think of as living. Such as rocks, wood, metal, everything on a microscopic level has living cells.   Reiki is a technique that allows us to connect with an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It has been called, "spiritually guided life force energy". The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living

things and is connected directly to quality of health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times.


Reiki Principles

 Just for today, I will not worry  Just for today, I will not be angry  Just for today, I will live honestly 

Just for today, I will respect the oneness of all life 

Just for today, I will be kind to everyone I meet

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Atlantian Crystal Angels


Founder : Heidi Gebhard-BurgerCrystals were the heart and the soul of Atlantis.  The Atlanteans had a large crystal with unbelievable power.It held their entire knowledge and wisdom in its matrix. Its light column was the so-called ladder from the earthe to the sky.When Atlantis sunk the knowledge was transferred to the crystals and their meaning lost.The destruction of this Master crystal has effects into our current time.The Atlantean Karma is stored in the human psyche and can be transformed only if the soul remembers its divine nature.The Atlantean Angels want to bring their full love to us to help us Ascend.  

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Ma Heo O Reiki




Ma'heo'o translated means Great Spirit, Great one, or God  in Cheyenne (Native American language). This system of Reiki will combine the elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water with the Great Spirit to effectively promote and activate healing in the human condition. This system is simple, yet powerful, and can be used by anyone.

There are 5 symbols specific to Ma'heo'o Reiki, used with one  from the traditional styles that are incorporated into this healing system.

The first 4 represent the elements and enable us to connect with and  channel Mother Earth's energy; combined with and activated by Great Spirit this becomes a very powerful system; promoting great energy channeling ability, use of healing light and color, connection with higher intellect, ground-ness, promotes calming peace and relaxation.

This system combines the gentleness of Reiki with the raw power of the Earth elements. It can bring you into contact with your spirit totem, give you your sacred name and balance your mind & body with the 5 elements

There are 3 attunements involved in Ma'heo'o Reiki.

The first two enable a better connection and heightened sense of the elements through Mother Earth. Not only do the symbols allow harmony of the elements of Mother Earth, they allow harmony of the elements as they pertain to the human condition.

The third attunement is the master level which connects you with Great Spirit; enabling you to harness the power of Earth and Spirit to effectively use the light as it facilitates, promotes and activates your healing from within

With this course you will receive all three attunements and upon completion will be a Ma'heo'o Reiki Master Teacher (able to teach and attune others) and unlimited support even after the course. You will be registered with the Ma'heo'o Reiki Healing center as a Registered Master Teacher. This means you will have a registration number to verify your Mastership of Ma'heo'o Reiki.

Ma'heo'o Reiki was created by Sheryl Carter.

Registration number : MRT 630

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Fairy Realms Reiki


Fairy Realms Reiki is a form of Reiki that is geared towards healing of the natural environment, healing with help from the natural environment, and to connect with nature spirits and fairies. It is highly recommended that some form of instruction in traditional Reiki be taken or studied to have a better understanding of Reiki and its principles. I know, though, that there are plenty of intuitive people out there that will take this knowledge and make it their own with their own style without ever studying formalized Reiki.

The colors associated with Fairy Realms Reiki are Green and Brown. Fairy Realms Reiki is geared towards the natural environment. It is focused on helping growth of plants and animals, cleansing the earth of toxins, grounding, and facilitating contact between the human and fairy realms. It is a perfect form to use in helping gardens, flowers and forests grow, aiding in the healing of animals, and opening the psychic centers to communicate with fairies and other nature spirits. It is encouraged that sessions with people or animals be done outside (weather permitting) in the natural environment where earth energies abound. Don’t be surprised if you feel the presence of fairies or nature spirits while you do your work.

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